New Member Coordinator (Kristina P.)

Meets with new members once they have filled out their paperwork and paid dues in order to review the New Member Welcome Packet and to teach new members about the group.

Calendar Coordinator (Emily E.)

Compiles and sends the monthly events calendar and coordinating RSVP sheet to members. Also conducts surveys to find hostess for larger events.

Webmaster & Social Media Coordinator (Keri S.)

Handles posting on social media, keeping followers engaged and news about the group current. Also, responsible for maintaining our website by updating it with current newsletter, member information and other activities.

Sunshine Cards Coordinator (Jenna J.)

Makes and distributes greeting cards to members for special occasions such as birthdays etc.

Sunshine Meals Coordinator (Robyn G.)

Sets up and solicits mom volunteers to bring a meal to a member in need after having a new baby, moving or death in the immediate family.